Welcome to this week’s All Souls Witchy Women Podcast Episode 2: The F Word. In this episode we discuss why fear is perhaps THE emotion that Diana (and others) need to face in order to move forward and discover their true selves .

No one likes to be afraid and we all would prefer to avoid fear at all costs. In that sense, fear is the great equalizing emotion. But what if facing our fears was the best — the only — way forward? Our best option for getting unstuck? For large parts of her life Diana (and others) let fear control them. In this episode we look at how fear can hold you back and how facing fear is sometimes the only way to truly discover yourself.

Housekeeping details: We’ve read the whole All Souls Trilogy and will try to stay on topic if we say a particular show is going to only cover A Discovery of Witches, but we may forget or digress or whatever so consider yourself warned if you’ve only read one of the books. Also this podcast is labeled explicit because we sometimes swear and we’re going to talk about sex because, well, there’s sex in the books. So that’s why we gave it the explicit rating. You’ve now been officially warned

Show notes: Each episode we’ll be bringing you a note about red wine because wine is a main form of sustenance for vampires when they’re not drinking, you know. blood. Oh, and we like wine…a lot. This episode’s wine is Malbec. Malbec is a phenomenal grape and it makes a phenomenal wine. Most people probably know of Argentinian Malbecs but Malbec originated in the Bordeaux region of France. Bayard recommends that we sit down with a bottle of French Malbec and Argentian Malbec and note the differences in terroir. The Argentinian Malbec will be richer, fuller, and darker in color. We love any wine recommendation that encourages us to buy two bottles instead of one.
Our weekly wine moments come to us compliments of our resident sommelier, Bayard, who knows what he’s talking about because he’s a founding partner at Crafted Brands.

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  • Drew

    Great podcast – fun talk with presenters who know their subject well

    • Nikki Gastineau

      Thanks for your kind words Drew! We hope that you’ll continue to listen.

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