No doubt about it: These are challenging times. We turned to our favorite book series, the All Souls Trilogy, for the best survival strategies. We hope it helps. #WeAreAllSouls

When we recorded our last podcast episode we certainly didn’t think that our next one would be recorded in the midst of a pandemic and, yet, here we are. In a shockingly small period of time, we’ve been thrown into a world that is barely recognizable. People are working on the front lines, people aren’t working at all, or they’re trying to work from home, which brings its own set of challenges. Despite all the chaos, we have this notion that we can keep all the balls in the air. And as the lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and self-isolation continue, the veneer of our calm is starting to crack.

In light of all the life changes we’re experiencing right now, we thought we would take a look at the survival strategies of our favorite characters in Deb Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy. With any luck a few of these will help all of us cope just a little bit better during COVID19 and the new normal that is inevitable.

A note before we start: We recently published a blog post titled “6 Crisis Management Strategies from the All Souls Trilogy.” That piece, which we hope you’ll check out, focused on leadership qualities and strategies. This isn’t about keeping your company or your family afloat. This is about keeping YOU afloat. Flight attendants always remind us to put secure our own oxygen mask first. We like to hang onto this as our life motto, too, though this time is proving a challenge to honor it. 

Wine note: In keeping with our secrets theme, our private sommelier, Bayard is focusing this episode’s wine note on white blends. As one of the owners of Crafted Brands, he knows his stuff. You can read more here.

Housekeeping details: This podcast is labeled explicit because we sometimes swear and we’re going to talk about sex because, well, there’s sex in the books. So that’s why we gave it the explicit rating. You’ve now been officially warned.

Also we reference the DoubleTree by Hilton chocolate chip recipe in the podcast. You’re going to want to make these NOW (assuming you can find flour)… and you’re welcome.