Welcome to All Souls Witchy Women Podcast Episode 10: The Use of Music in A Discovery of Witches, Season 1.

Music plays a critical role in setting the scene for a TV show or movie and nowhere is that more obvious than in A Discovery of Witches. Gifted composer Rob Lane wrote the score and you’ll hear his music woven through nearly every scene. We could devote an entire podcast just to that.

For this episode though, we’re talking about the creative use of other music in the season, the music that is not official soundtrack music but rather songs chosen to help make a particular emotional point. We’ll listen to snippets of these amazing songs and artists and then break down why we think this particular song and this particular artist was the exact right choice to build the emotional tension and move along the storyline.

Let’s get listening!

Housekeeping details: We’ve read the whole All Souls Trilogy and will try to stay on topic if we say a particular show is going to only cover A Discovery of Witches, but we may forget or digress or whatever so consider yourself warned if you’ve only read one of the books. For the record, this particular podcast is entirely focused on the TV version produced by Bad Wolf TV in Wales. So, if you haven’t watched all eight episodes yet, you might want to hold off on listening to this until you do. Also this podcast is labeled explicit because we sometimes swear and we’re going to talk about sex because, well, there’s sex in the books. So that’s why we gave it the explicit rating. You’ve now been officially warned.

Show notes: Each episode we bring you a note about wine because red wine is a main form of sustenance for vampires when they’re not drinking, you know, blood. Oh, and we like wine…a lot. Usually our weekly wine notes come to us compliments of our resident sommelier, Bayard, who knows what he’s talking about because he’s a founding partner at Crafted Brands. This week, Bayard discusses syrah. That’s all we’re going to say about that other than to say Bayard sings in this wine note and channels his inner Doris Day. The text version of the wine note can be found in our latest wine note.

We note in the episode that music plays a big role in Deb Harkness’ creative process. She listens to particular music and musicians while writing for both inspiration and to help her maintain a particular tone. These playlists are specific to the books and feature a ton of interesting, varied music. As promised here’s a link to the playlists so you can listen yourself.

To help you enjoy the artists and songs we reference from the show, here’s the playlist with links where we can: Song of Home–Ashmole 782, sung by Klara Ketelaars; White Rabbit, sung by Haley Reinhart; Demons, by Imagine Dragons; Go Your Own Way, sung by Lissie; Por Una Cabeza, by Carlos Gardel; Tuxedo Junction, by Glenn Miller; For You, by Rae Morris; I Found by Amber Run; Slow Motion Dance, by Rob Lane and the Chamber Orchestra of London.