There are book purists and TV show purists and sometimes, let’s face it, the twain never shall meet…and that may just be a good thing. But as A Discovery of Witches fans who love Deborah Harkness’ books for some reasons and the TV adaptation of A Discovery of Witches for others, as a trio we generally do a dance in and around both.

Nikki saw a sticker in a car window recently that got us thinking. The sticker read, “The Book was Better,” which basically implied that no screen adaptation ever in the history of the world could possibly be better than the book it was based on. We don’t agree with that sentiment generally but do understand where it comes from.

Anyway with this in mind, here is our first podcast on the A Discovery of Witches Season 2 adaptation. In this one we talk about alllllll the things we loved (or at least a lot of them). In our next podcast, we’ll tackle some choices that had us less enthralled. It is not a perfect world after all. We hope you enjoy this and do let us know what you think. What were your favorite moments in Season 2?

And if you haven’t checked out our weekly minute-by-minute recap of each episode of A Discovery of Witches Season 2 adaptation, well what are you waiting for?

Housekeeping details: This podcast is labeled explicit because we sometimes swear and we’re going to talk about sex because, well, there’s sex in the books. So that’s why we gave it the explicit rating. You’ve now been officially warned.