Welcome to this week’s All Souls Witchy Women Podcast Episode 1: The O Word. In this episode we discuss why Outlander fans should run, not walk, to read the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.

 We met over Outlander and now we’re adding to our obsession list with the All Souls Trilogy. In this, our FIRST!!!!, podcast, we discuss how the book series are similar, how they’re different, and, most importantly, why we almost guarantee that if you like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, you’ll fall for A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life. An epic love story, historical fiction, time travel — seriously, why aren’t you reading already? — the books are deliciously similar and yet so wonderfully different at the same time. And of course, we welcome people like us — people who already love them both — to this podcast. Let us know what you think of our thoughts about the two series.

Housekeeping details: We’ve read the whole All Souls Trilogy and will try to stay on topic if we say a particular show is going to only cover A Discovery of Witches, but we may forget or digress or whatever so consider yourself warned if you’ve only read one of the books. Also this podcast is labeled explicit because we sometimes swear and we’re going to talk about sex because, well, there’s sex in the books. So that’s why we gave it the explicit rating. You’ve now been officially warned.

Show notes: Each episode we’ll be bringing you a note about red wine because wine is a main form of sustenance for vampires when they’re not drinking, you know. blood. Oh, and we like wine…a lot. This episode’s wine is Tempranillo. One of the oldest grapes in the world, it dates back to about 1000 BC and is originally from Spain. It’s not as big as some of the varieties that we’re used to here in the US, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but it has excellent notes of tobacco and sage and it pairs well with lighter protein light pork or lamb. We’re not quite sure how well it pairs with red highland stag but we’ll do some research and get back with you. Our weekly wine moments come to us compliments of our resident sommelier, Bayard, who knows what he’s talking about because he’s a founding partner at Crafted Brands.

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  • Anne Gavin

    Great job, Ladies! Fun hearing your break down the OL/DOW parallels.

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