As we eagerly await the arrival of A Discovery of Witches Season 2, we decided to talk about the scenes we hope make it from the book to the show. Listen in to see if you agree.

This podcast episode was especially fun for us because we actually recorded it in the same room rather than from three different states in the U.S. Not only that, but we were joined by our honorary witchy friend, Denise, who is also a fan of Deb Harkness‘ amazing All Souls Trilogy. Yup, four witchy women in one room, libations and lots of thoughts and feelings about A Discovery of Witches Season 2. Life just doesn’t get much better than that.

Other Stuff You Should Know: As we mention in the podcast, the All Souls Discussion Group on Facebook is currently doing a Shadow of Night real-time read-along, and we are partnering with them to do giveaways during that multi-month event. We’ll be doing our giveaways during some of the full moons that occur during the read-along because, well, we’re witches and fans of the moon goddess in general and of the power that comes around the full moon, specifically.

We did our first Full Moon Magic giveaway when the read-along kicked off in November. We’ll be doing others in April and June so stay tuned by following us on our Facebook page and, of course, the All Souls Discussion Group page. Each giveaway will get bigger…

This month’s wine note: It’s wine in a box, an idea we came up with because, well, we wanted to hear Ashley sing “It’s a witch in a box” again, and what says ladies getting together more than wine in a box. If you think wine in a box is declasse, our trusty sommelier, Bayard, will change your mind on that in a heartbeat. You can view the wine note here.

Housekeeping details: This podcast episode primarily focuses on the story that takes place in Shadow of Night, the second book in the All Souls Trilogy but we may reference material from all of Deb’s books, because we’re flighty like that. Also this podcast is labeled explicit because we sometimes swear and we’re going to talk about sex because, well, there’s sex in the books. So that’s why we gave it the explicit rating. You’ve now been officially warned.