Relive each delicious moment of A Discovery of Witches with our weekly recap. This week? A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 7 recap.

Do you ever find yourself yelling at the screen in front of you or mumbling cheeky responses to the characters while watching a show? We do. Sometimes we keep those responses to ourselves and, sometimes, we text them to each other as we watch the same show at the same time 700 miles apart. We enjoy these conversations so much that we decided to share them with you. Each week, Ashley and Nikki will publish an episode recap for the highly anticipated third season of A Discovery of Witches. You can read it while you re-watch the episode (because you know you’re going to re-watch it) or just read it. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just do it. We hope that these recaps will be worth a few giggles for A Discovery of Witches fans and that they might even make you think twice about what you’ve just watched. Without further ado, here’s our A Discovery of Witches Season 3 episode 7 — the *gulp* series finale — recap…

[0:00] My husband (show watcher only) just said, “Wait… is this the end, end? Like last one ever?” I’m going to need him to be more “the doggie went to the farm” about this finale if my emotional self has any chance at making it through. 

[1:00] If Baldwin is looking to rehabilitate his image, he might want to stop busting through doors like that. A cordial knock might be a nice place to start. 

[2:00] Vampires experienced in combat. Can I get a couple of those? 

Nikki, if you get a couple, I get to watch. I suspect it looks a bit like rhinos locking horns at the zoo. 

[3:00] I don’t know much anything about birthing children or its after-effects but going out to kick vampire ass doesn’t strike me as an ideal postpartum activity especially given that Diana is both breast and wrist feeding.

It’s funny you mention that, Nikki. I was just thinking that Diana and I do not possess the same level of postpartum mental clarity and physical stamina. Maybe I’m less witch than I thought. 

[4:00] The role of Optimus Prime will now be played by Dr. Marcus Whitmore. Autobots, roll out! 

[5:00] Benjamin is right. No “one” can save Matthew but “one” is not coming. It’s the whole damn de Clermont clan and they are pissed. 

[6:00] Well bless his evil heart… So vampires do know how to knock. 

[7:00] I feel like “what she has wrought” is a phrase other people use about me with alarming frequency. #noregrets.

[8:00] Ah, fond reminiscences of the old witch-hunting days. I do believe that Gerbert has chosen the wrong tactic to sway Ysabeau. Though I will never grow tired of how comically he over exaggerates his pronunciation of the word “witch.” Every. Time. 

Tangent! My British husband just walked in the room and said, “Oh, it’s Eddie Shoestring” and I looked at him like he’d just grown a third eye. 

[9:00] Yes, Gerbert gave Ysabeau every chance to play his game. Ysabeau isn’t playing that game anymore though. The rules are different now and Gerbert is about to both fuck around AND find out.

[10:00] “Go back to Venice… you have no dominion here.” Ysabeau, and also me during leadership meetings when someone threatens to swim into my lane. 

[11:00] Miriam’s wearing her war coat and started the proceedings by kicking down the door. I’m here for this. 

And I’m here for The Avengers… de Clermont style. 

[12:00] “I’m in endless pain. Kill me. Please.” Me, at the gym.

[13:00] Girl, why did you assemble this gang of vampire badasses if you weren’t going to let them help?!

However, I’d like to employ this technique to finally use the bathroom or take a shower in peace without interruption from tiny humans. 

[14:00] Cheap trick, Satu. Diana’s no 101 witch. You’re going to have to do better. 

[15:00] You can say what you want Satu, but if you aid in the torture of my husband we are definitely enemies.

[16:00] I love how proudly Diana boasts about her scars now. She has come to terms with the notion that scars tell stories — our stories. Whether good or bad, traumatic or triumphant, they’re a visual map of the road we’ve walked and we should carry them with our heads held high, without remorse, shame or apology. 

[17:00] “I am the book.” Diana says that with as much conviction as all of Deb Harkness’ loyal readers who devoured these books again and again. 

Satu just went full-on Lumiere!

[18:00] The knots, the knots, look at Diana weaving the knots. Like a witchy Spider-Man! (My apologies, apparently my pop culture brain is stuck on PG-13 popcorn superheroes today.

Girl tosses out those knots with as much calm and ease as our fellow witch Janet working her knitting needles while we watch these suspenseful episodes. 

[19:00] “A power without conscience is a savage weapon.” Excuse me, louder for those world leaders in the back. 

Also, Satu going out with a whimper feels so appropriate. She’s been bragging about her power all season and now here she is powerless in the same prison where she plotted with Benjamin to bring down Matthew.

[20:00] Listening to Diana count her way through these knots, my ’80s inner child can’t help but sing “One, two, Freddy’s Diana’s coming for you…” Spoiler alert, when she makes it to 10, your ass is toast. 

Annnd toasty. Byeeee, Ben

[21:00] As much as I love Diana’s desire to heal Matthew, my heart sings that only his mother can save him now. We moms pour everything (and then some) we have into our children — physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually — to nourish and protect them. Oftentimes to our own utter depletion. But knowing that you possess exactly what your child needs at the very moment they need it… there’s no greater relief. 

[22:00] Oh Hamish…what was he reading? Although at this particular moment, he could read IKEA instruction manuals to me and it’d be like human Xanax to get through this. And don’t get me started on Dr. Marcus coming through the doorway with that ambiguous head shake… not today, Marcus. 

[23:00] Matthew and I look altogether different when convalescing. Also, nothing speeds recovery like a brutal game of chess. 

[24:00] …but hold the tea

[25:00] So, keeping the creatures separated into their own factions, ultimately, led to their demise. I think we should all sit with that one for a moment.

[26:00] “You can’t just walk in there” is a funny thing to say coming from a man who Kramers his way into every room. 

[27:00] “Diana doesn’t need protection; she needs support.” I couldn’t love this more, especially coming from a man. History (and dated Disney movies) tell us women need men to swoop in like knights in shining armor to protect and save us. But sometimes we just need to saddle up on our own damn horse and lead the way, knowing that supportive people confident in our abilities will be behind us championing and backing our efforts. 

[28:00] Two men of the highest power realizing it’s an even more powerful woman who holds the key (literally) to their survival… let’s also sit with that one for a moment. 

[29:00] Yes, you are indeed. Diana putting off major RBG vibes! (And vibes of our kickass intern suited up for a debate competition). 

[30:00] Of all the “fuck yous” in this series, Diana handing the de Clermont key to Gerbert has to be one of my favorite.

You’d think over time they could have upgraded to those electronic key cards hotels use. 

[31:00] That purse that Diana is carrying. I think she’s brought receipts and snacks. This is why women should be in charge of meetings — they consider how declining blood sugar levels affect productivity and proactively provide a solution. 

[32:00] Oh Gerbert, we don’t talk about Satu… no no no. We don’t talk about Satu.*

*or any of those others. 

Also, what’s this you say about hatred enshrined in governance? Hmm…we are so surprised. 

[33:00] Those shoes! I love how on point the costume department is with finding little pops of color (those earrings too!) that complement Diana’s incredibly blue eyes. 

Speaking of, I wonder how much it is to fly to the Caribbean right now.  

[34:00] She must have a more premium AncestryDNA account than I do. Also, I can’t remember who that woman in blue is but she’s pretty much mirroring all of our facial expressions through this whole thing. 

[35:00] Figuring out that the ones you’ve considered the lowest among you are actually vital to your survival and that segregation isn’t actually an effective tactic for harmony and peace. Huh. 

Just a timely reminder that separatism cannot be reformed. It must be abolished.

[36:00] Agatha raised her hand to second Diana’s motion at the same speed in which I respond to the Olive Garden server rounding our table to ask “more breadsticks?” 

[37:00] Diana just rolled her eyes and offered scientific evidence as proof like she’s been a veteran staff member at the CDC for the past two years. 

[38:00] Jack makes a fabulous and adorable manny. That is all. 

…And, we love you both. 

[39:00] “We’ve talked long enough.” I’m not sure Domenico would hack it at either of our workplaces with their respective 87 meetings a day. 

This vote has the intensity of my family trying to gain consensus upon what takeout to order. 

[40:00] My crush on Domenico 2.0 just doubled. Nana Daemon for Congregation President. She has our vote! Think of it… an Agatha-Diana 2024 ticket? Sign us up as campaign volunteers. 

[41:00] Girls, my work here is done. Peace. *grabs Mary Poppins bag and goes*

Gerbert stands alone, Gerbert stands alone… Hi ho the vampire schmo, Gerbert stands alone. 

[42:00] So. Much. Beauty. in this montage! Reunions, engagements, righted wrongs, love acknowledgements, bro hugs, sentimental send-offs. I can’t. 

[43:00] Imma need a minute…

[44:00] …and one won’t be enough. My word. If this isn’t the most perfect bookend closer to this beloved series, I don’t know what is. The dance that started it all is waltzing us into the sunset and giving us the opportunity to bid farewell to each and every one of these creatures in their element. 

Ashley’s and Nikki’s Final, Final Thoughts

Is this it? Is it really the end? This episode was a huge cherry on top of an outstanding season and an absolutely phenomenal series. At times, it felt like precisely the object lesson we needed. Segregation is bad (because apparently some folks have forgotten this). Women need your support (not necessarily your Hulk-smashing antics). If you’re trying to suppress the voice of a group of people there’s a pretty good chance that you’re afraid of their power. We said what we said.  

Aside from the commentary on life, this episode beautifully tied up the loose ends from all the previous episodes. It did what so many finales fail to do: it gives us hope. We have hope for baby Margaret, Phillip, and Rebecca. We have hope for Matthew and Diana and their unlikely love. There’s also Chris and Miriam and Marcus and Phoebe leaving us with serious hearts in our eyes. There’s hope for the feuding deClermont brothers. There’s hope for the congregation that will now be led by a woman who also happens to be a daemon (or vice versa). It’s just a big bowl of hope soup and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy!

Thank you to everyone who journeyed through the last three seasons with us. It’s been one hell of a ride and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. We say this all the time but we’ll say it once more. This is the best fandom and its inherent “goodness” is a  testament to our fabulous leader, Deborah Harkness. She fosters a spirit of kindness and generosity that is in short supply these days. As Deborah wages her battle against cancer, we hope that we all remember to reflect that light and love back to her. To Deborah and the entire cast and crew of A Discovery of Witches, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for breathing life into the texts and for giving us the World of All Souls.

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