Relive each delicious moment of A Discovery of Witches with our weekly recap. This week? A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 2 recap.

Do you ever find yourself yelling at the screen in front of you or mumbling cheeky responses to the characters while watching a show? We do. Sometimes we keep those responses to ourselves and, sometimes, we text them to each other as we watch the same show at the same time 700 miles apart. We enjoy these conversations so much that we decided to share them with you. Each week, Ashley and Nikki will publish an episode recap for the highly anticipated third season of A Discovery of Witches. You can read it while you re-watch the episode (because you know you’re going to re-watch it) or just read it. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just do it. We hope that these recaps will be worth a few giggles for A Discovery of Witches fans and that they might even make you think twice about what you’ve just watched. Without further ado, here’s our A Discovery of Witches Season 3 episode 2 recap…

[0:00] “Daemons seem to be slipping into actual mental illness.” If the rollercoaster ride without a harness of the last two years is any indication, this world might be more full of daemons than we originally thought.

[1:00] This place… oof. Chapels and places of worship should have a welcoming, sacred feel to them. Me, happily complying when told to never to come back here again.

[2:00] Chris’ face at hearing the reason behind the urgency seems to say, “Well Jesus, I guess I’m skipping lunch… again.”

[3:00] Why do all shady shenanigans take place in a dimly lit, empty underground parking garage? Note to self: Never again complain about not being able to find a space in the Costco parking lot on a Saturday. Well lit, lots of reasonable creatures… you can handle it.

[4:00] Sweet Jack Jack, it’s you! *Goosebumps* I’m sorry I ever doubted your creepy demeanor, Father Hubbard. Good work, sir. Even if Matthew’s visible swallow seemed to say, “Well hell, make that party of five.”

[5:00] “The plague came back to London.” I’ll just leave that right there. It captions itself.

[6:00] Father Hubbard is right a warm bed and food in the belly provide a child basic needs, but not the essential ones that will truly help them thrive. It’s too easy to view children (and even each other) as tactical sports plays: man on man or zone coverage defense? Spoiler alert: either one leaves you vulnerable to failure if you don’t guard and protect their heart and soul, too.

[7:00] Matthew, you can make all the blood Ragey McRagerson faces you want, but this one’s on you too.

[8:00] If that whole Congregation thing doesn’t work out, Peter Knox has a promising career as a Brooks Brothers catalog model. Turtlenecks for days.

[9:00] Okay girl, YES. Sure they’re both conniving… but Satu is every woman who ambitiously climbed her way toward success and Peter Knox is every man who then tried to take the credit for how she got there. No thank you.

[10:00] Peter, I wish we could quit you. Oh wait, we can. Be gone.

[11:00] I’m pretty sure Marcus flopped onto the bed with intentions that didn’t have a thing to do with lectures on alchemical mysteries and outdated chauvinism.

[12:00] It’s adorable how Jack just looks like their hipster kid who has come home for winter break with a load of laundry and a head full of self-righteous knowledge gained from all of one semester at a liberal arts college.

[13:00] Huh, so it’s not just staffing shortages and supply chain issues to blame these days. We just need more DNA samples. Got it.

[14:00] Yes, Chris. YES. It’s called empathy, Matthew. It flows both ways to make the world a more hospitable place.

[15:00] Working alone will always limit us, and know when it’s time to trust others. That right there is free therapy from your creature pals, folks. No copay required.

[16:00] I’d watch a spinoff of Gallowglass and Jack Blackfriars, just hanging out. Greasy hands, amped up cool-guy adrenaline, just kicking it in a garage full of man toys. *Subscribe*

[17:00] And that’s why my husband doesn’t allow me to go more than two hours without eating.

[18:00] Ah, family. Imagine holidays at the de Clermont household. If ‘ol Ben Franklin thought fish and family shared a three-day sniff test, I wonder what measure he’d draw from this bunch.

[19:00] Diana’s nailing the we’re not mad, just disappointed parenting face. Jack, this is what we sent you to college for? Young man, explain yourself.

[20:00] I am, however, relieved that my “glowing” semester of Cs in college garnered a different consequence than Jack might face.

[21:00] Here I thought digging your own grave was just a metaphor. But poor Father Hubbard quite literally dug his own grave. No wonder this man sports a perma-scowl.

[22:00] Annnnd here we are back in this dank chapel. Can we start having these little chats at Starbucks or somewhere else a bit more human?

[23:00] “I have many lost souls in my flock to take care of.” – Father Hubbard… and also me, to our HR department.

[24:00] Matthew is the last hope for Jack, and yet Diana’s face bears the recognizable guilt of a mother wondering whether she let her child down, failed in raising him and other burdensome thoughts we women allow to creep into our weary brains.

[25:00] Emily and Fernando must have so many sores from biting their tongue the past couple of days. And Diana’s all, I’ve got enough scars to last our collective lifetime. You’re going to hear my words.

[26:00] I’m certain this scene holds backstory integral to the plot. But forgive me as I get lost swimming through the sensory overload decor of this room. Oh please oh please release A Discovery of Witches adult coloring book. I’ve got a stash of colored pencils itching to get all up in the nooks and crannies of that wallpaper and bedding.

[27:00] For anyone who has ever had to venture into the darkest, unseemly corners to find your perpetually suffering child and bring them home into the light… my heart goes out to you.

[28:00] Well played, Jack. Dropping the Philippe card on Matthew will always buy you a bit more time. Just a bit.

[29:00] If this isn’t a relatable parent to adult child conversation (That’s not you… you don’t really know me), then I don’t know what is.

[30:00] PEOPLE. Can we please get Diana through the first trimester with less emotional gymnastics? Please.

[31:00] Learning control isn’t easy or quick creature with emotional outbursts and special powers or not. Just a friendly reminder for the impatient ones in the back.

[32:00] Fernando’s saying what’s on all of our minds, and yet I can’t help but make googly eyes at Gallowglass and all his bearded wonder and loyalty. Right or wrong it’s swoon worthy.

[33:00] Ooo, ooo a riddle! We love a good riddle. Tag us in, Domenico.

[34:00] I love the camera work in this scene! Completely spent, tushes on the floor, arms interlocked, deep sighs. Looking straight at them sitting on a bed wouldn’t completely convey how the weight of the world seems to be looming just over top of them, primed to either topple fully onto them or attack them right in the face. And together, they’re ready to battle it square between the eyes. Always.

[35:00] We’re going to NOLA! I smell beignets, gumbo and strong hurricanes in our future. Or, just bloody chaos with no time for culinary delights.

[36:00] Nothing like asking simple questions to have NDA disclaimers answered in retort.

[37:00] One student snort-laughed. One. That’s got to be some sort of record when “I’m a vampire” is said with a straight face in the midst of your advanced degree pursuit.

[38:00] Any questions? Yes. Can we get this as a spinoff too? It’s like Grey’s Anatomy meets True Blood.

[39:00] “I Will Be Fine, I Promise” and Other Lies I Told Myself sounds like a strong working title for Marcus’ forthcoming memoir.

[40:00] Boys trip! Where’s Gallowglass though? He would complete the foursome and then we’d have a true Wolfpack… or whatever the vampire equivalent is.

[41:00] Ominous phone calls followed by “check your email” accurately describe any given day in my professional life.

[42:00] Oh god where is this headed

[43:00] Now that’s a heck of a way to extend an invite to a family reunion.

Final Thoughts:

This episode was chockfull of expressive faces resting witch ones, eye rolls, blood rage contortions and more. I think as a viewer, we wore them all as we bounced from one scene to the next and it was a heck of a fun ride. We’re diving deeper into setting the stage for the ultimate showdown to be had in A Discovery of Witches Season 3 and the conclusion of this epic saga.

What I loved about this episode is that as a viewer soaking it all in, I felt like a hearty and satisfying mix of Emily (I’ll just sit quietly back here and observe but let you know how I feel with my body language), Phoebe (Wait, I know things… why are you people always getting in the way of yourselves?), Gallowglass (MY ENTIRE JOB IS JUST TO HUG DIANA AND KEEP HER AND THE BABIES SAFE) and any one of the lab students (Why yes I have questions!).

And Jack… sigh. We had too little time to snuggle the little apple-cheeked boy of the past before attempting to reconcile the man with a past he’s grown into. But a parent’s love is unconditional and Diana and Matthew are demonstrating that to us with their unwavering support of their chosen son. At least for now.

I love the pace and story this season is telling so far, and can’t wait for next week. Season 3 has me giddily wrapped up in it cozier than Peter Knox’s neck in a burgundy turtleneck. See you next week!

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