Relive each delicious moment of A Discovery of Witches with our weekly recap. This week? A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 1 recap.

Do you ever find yourself yelling at the screen in front of you or mumbling cheeky responses to the characters while watching a show? We do. Sometimes we keep those responses to ourselves and, sometimes, we text them to each other as we watch the same show at the same time 700 miles apart. We enjoy these conversations so much that we decided to share them with you. Each week, Ashley and Nikki will publish an episode recap for the highly anticipated third season of A Discovery of Witches. You can read it while you re-watch the episode (because you know you’re going to re-watch it) or just read it. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just do it. We hope that these recaps will be worth a few giggles for A Discovery of Witches fans and that they might even make you think twice about what you’ve just watched. Without further ado, here’s our A Discovery of Witches Season 3 episode 1 recap…

It seems like only yesterday when we were sitting down to devour the first episode of A Discovery of Witches Season 2. It also feels like 75 years. Pandemic time seems to pass differently. Is it just us or have you noticed that?

[0:00] In a desperate last-minute search for viewing snacks, I scrounged up some sour cream and chive potato chips and the intern grabbed a dill pickle. Our snack game is pathetic. #sendsnacks.

[1:00] The first words in this episode come in the form of song lyrics asking, “Have we reached the end?” Oh friends, we’re not there yet but we are absolutely careening toward the end and I suspect it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

[2:00] Valarie Pettiford brought such humanity, tenderness and strength to the role of Emily. We will miss the calm of your onscreen presence Emily/Valarie!

[3:00] Book readers knew that this was going to be a real circle of life moment, but it’s so bittersweet to find out that Diana is having twins moments after our beautiful Emily takes her last breath. 

[4:00] I will never tire of the vampires’ onboard monitoring systems. If Matthew can also detect vitamin deficiencies, glucose levels and blood pressure, he’s going to save Diana a lot of money in prenatal doctor visits.

[5:00] What’s sexier than Gallowglass on a horse? Gallowglass on a motorcycle. Amiright? 

[6:00] Kudos on the moving speech Matthew, but I’m distracted by the incredible brunch spread that Marthe has created. Does she do offsite catering?

[7:00] Can we pause for just a moment to praise Hamish for his incredible ensemble? I swear that I understand the dire circumstances the family is in but this scene is a feast for the eyes. Also, I’m picking up serious Damian Lewis vibes from Matthew Goode. Focus, woman! Focus!

[8:00] Phoebe has the very largest of balls. She’s only recently met a vampire and now she’s walking up to one of the most unapproachable ones to introduce herself. How very Diana of her. You go, girl.

[9:00] “You’re not a blood-rage vampire.” Ah, the old “saying it will make it so” trick. I don’t think it’s going to work, Matthew.

[10:00] Marcus walks away and leaves Matthew and Phoebe standing there. I really want to see how that situation resolved itself. Who blinked first, vampire or human?

[11:00] Em went to the temple because she had been having dreams about the page. I’ve been having dreams about doughnuts and kittens. Any idea where I should go for that? 

[12:00] Lamenting the death of your beloved life partner due, in part, to her use of higher magic and then instantly thinking that you should use that same higher magic to ask her what the hell she was doing…that’s grief talking. Right?

[13:00] Sarah’s fear tends to manifest itself in prejudice and her references to the twins as being “something else” seem to gut Diana (and us too). She’ll come around. We just know it.

[14:00] Clear the way, badass Daemon Nana is coming through! Please let this be the scene where we get to see Agatha kill Peter Knox with her bare hands! 

[15:00] I can’t stop giggling about how the members of the congregation are grasping the knobs of their chairs. They remind me of those old fashioned strength testers.

[16:00] “I can only imagine his (Philippe’s) disappointment at the current state of affairs…witches, vampires, daemons, mixing, marrying, and even mating.” Blood-sworn daughter says what?

[17:00] And…Agatha takes back the floor in stunning fashion. Sure, I’m staying in Sept-Tours but Peter Knox killed a witch so…now who’s in trouble?

[18:00] Well that escalated quickly. It turns out that when you piss off enough people with your terrible ways, they’ll eventually turn against you. Byeeeeeee Peter Knox!

[19:00] “Peter, you killed a witch. Justice must be served.” Satu delivers that line with understated glee. I can’t help but think she has an ulterior motive but, damn, it was fun to watch.

[20:00] As the mother of a 16-year old, it’s hard to imagine asking my child to go away and not get in touch with me when it seems like all I ever do is ask her to call or text me. Side note: I also love escaping into this non-pandemic fantasy where “get on a plane quickly” is a casual thing to toss out without trying to unpack the headache of international borders, testing requirements and quarantining restrictions.

[21:00] Why does the pregnant lady have to do the hard work of conducting the funeral? Somebody give this woman a hand. Free tip: For $39.99, the internet can ordain anyone to handle life-changing ceremonies.

[22:00] “Emily, we offer your spirit light in every direction. We offer you protection along the way. We release you from your earthly ties. And with the path lit and free from danger, we send you on your next journey.” Absolutely, beautiful. I’m so glad that Sarah finds the strength to help release Emily’s spirit. Sidenote: Diana is stunning.

[23:00] Points to Ysabeau for self-awareness. Perhaps a witch-hunting vampire would not be a welcomed guest at a witch’s funeral? Points also awarded to Sarah for diagnosing her earlier feelings and coming around to the idea of the babies.

[24:00] “Where the hell have you been the last few months?” Baldwin to Matthew… or any family or friends not living in my immediate household to me over the past year.

[25:00] I am absolutely onboard with Peter McDonald’s Baldwin. If you want to know more about the switch-up and the reason behind Trystan Gravelle’s departure, you can read this Radio Times article.

[26:00] The non-family are dining in the kitchen. I agree with Hamish when he says that he got the better end of the deal. You just know there’s gonna be drama in the upstairs dining room. We’ve seen Downtown Abbey. We know.

[27:00] Marcus looks like he knows he’s about to be grounded.

[28:00] Diana keeps looking around the table like, “Are you hearing this guy?”

[29:00] This moment of brothers rehashing (literally) ancient history and then storming out of the room on the heels of the holiday season is bound to give some viewers PTSD.

[30:00] Benjamin “isn’t exactly” a de Clermont. But he’s not exactly not a de Clermont, is he Matthew?

[31:00] Matthew tries to be efficient with the truth (I was in London…he’s not my son) but the FULL story always comes out.

[32:00] Gallowglass is precisely the right character to deliver a subversive plan with a wicked smile.

[33:00] I was hoping that everyone would leave Sept-Tours in the same party van that brought them. I guess we’ll have to make do with shiny cars and helicopters.

[34:00] Did Baldwin actually think he was going to push Ysabeau out of her own home? “Hollow victory” indeed.

[35:00] Fernando is such a welcome sight. We need his compassion and empathy more than ever. And Sarah just looks like, ah fresh hell — more people in this family tree to remember?

[36:00] Well, it’s about damn time. Welcome to the clusterfuck, Chris! 

[37:00] Oh, the disdain with which Miriam is treating Chris and his lab equipment.

[38:00] ”I’m going to need a little more detail.” Oh Chris, if you only knew that half of it. He clearly knows he’s about to be pulled into something way bigger than his current research topic.

[39:00] If there must be grief, what a gift it is to share it with someone who has walked the path before you.

[40:00] Fernando is precisely the presence that Sarah needs in her life at this moment, and I live in hope” only underscores that.

[41:00] Matthew just side-eyed Diana’s water play like… this again? Enough with the party tricks already. In her defense, she makes a pretty strong case for magic.

[42:00] Is Diana working on the molecular level when she does that? I need to know!

[43:00] “I’ll give it my best shot” is my default response for every work request in the last 18 months. You may borrow it, Chris.

[44:00] Does Baldwin really not know that Domenico always does whatever is in Domenico’s best interest?

[45:00] “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” has just put me over the edge. The musical choices in the episode are fire! And it bodes well for what’s to come musically (and overall) this season. This song was a collaboration with Rob Lane and The Dawn of MAY. On a related note, the soundtrack is now available at Amazon and Spotify.

Final Thoughts:

This episode felt a bit like a homecoming with all the characters that we’ve grown to love in the last two seasons gathering at Sept Tours. As with many homecomings, this one was bittersweet as the first order of business was to send Emily on to her “next journey.” Emily was a favorite character of mine from the books and Valarie Pettiford brought her to life in the most perfect way. Thank you Valarie for opening your heart to All Souls fans and for wholeheartedly embracing this world that Deborah Harkness so lovingly created.

In reflecting on this episode, I keep returning to the opening and closing songs and their questions. In the first minute, we are asked if this is really the end. In the closing minute, we are asked if the circle will be unbroken. As long as the circle remains unbroken there will be no end. Keeping the circle unbroken will be theme of this season; to break the code of blood rage, to provide a safe home for a baby born of a witch and a daemon, and to create a world where the twins of a vampire and witch can live without fear. Over the last two years, we have all been touched by heartache and loss and I have wondered at times about the circle of our lives and if it can survive our aggregate grief. This episode reminded me that there are always people in our corner, always people who are there to guide us through our darkest moments (I’m talking about you Fernando) and that, together, we will keep our circle unbroken and strong. This episode was chock full of stunning visuals and real-life parallels. If this is what the rest of the season has in store for us, I can’t wait for next week!

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