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We met and bonded over Outlander (doesn’t everyone??) and then we uncovered the world of All Souls and well, another obsession began. So simple and yet so complicated.

nikki gastineau, All Souls Witchy Women, A Discovery of Witches, Deb Harkness

Nikki Gastineau


I grew up in rural central Kentucky with plenty of time and space to read and daydream. Most of those delicious hours were spent thinking about living in the times and places that I had read about in the countless volumes of historical fiction that I consumed.

Once again, I find myself captivated by a story that takes its characters into the times and places that were so prominent in the dreamy bliss of my childhood; this time seen through the eyes of a modern woman and with the added benefit of having seen those places with my own eyes.  I am so excited to join my dear friends on this project and I look forward to creating our very own magic.

Janet Reynolds, All Souls Witchy Women, A Discovery of Witches, Deb Harkness

Janet Reynolds


While I have read virtually every single day for most of my life, I’ve never been a re-reader of books. Who has time to re-read when so many new or unread books call my name? That all changed when I discovered Outlander and the All Souls trilogy. I became a re-reading fiend. Picking up these books is like meeting up with a good friend — you never know what you’re going to learn or where the conversation is going to go. I heard someone say that we reread novels because they still have something to say to us.

All Souls is still speaking to me. And now I’m joining my friends — and you all — in that conversation. How magical is that?

ashley headshot

Ashley Crawley


I’m what you’d call a late bloomer… to reading, that is. Growing up, I viewed reading as a school requirement often short-cutted with Cliffs Notes or a movie adaptation. Thankfully, I’ve since corrected my short-sided vision of books and uncovered an insatiable love to read because I want to, not because I have to.

A book about witches, vampires and demons, however? No. But when the friend you’ve dubbed your  beacon of good taste says “read this,” you read it. And you dive in fully, coming up for air only to grab another treasured pal to submerge in the deep pool of magic with you. And here we are: three witchy women ready to wax poetic about all things, all souls.

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